Wolf Dog Portrait

Wolf Dog by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

The wolf dog portrait, released November 2019, shows the beautiful character of this actor dog.

A star performer in the film Alpha the portrait captures his spirit reflected in the film.  The owner of the dog, is one of the bosses that Su works with on her movie works. 

In 2019, the movies have seen Su over in America a lot, in particular Los Angeles and Savannah.  For anyone that knows Su, you will know that she loves the sunshine and water.  So this has been an awesome year for her.  As a thank you to the bosses for this opportunity, she produced this stunning picture of their wolf, which they love.

But who wouldn't! 

Here are the progress photos of the portrait as Su works her magic...

Wolf Dog by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

A very fluffy dog, you can see the outline and cut pieces for this portrait.

Wolf Dog by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

The build up of the shadows is taking place on the right hand side of this portrait.

Wolf Dog by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

Some darker shadows are materializing to give the wolf dog the fluffy, luxurious coat of his breed. 

Su has also worked the detail of his nose to make sure that the true blackness can be seen.

Wolf Dog by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

Working on the left hand side now, you'll see the darker shades of the his coat being put in.  With the fine control that Su has it often looks like each individual hair is added into his coat. 

Wolf Dog by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

Working on the eyes, which are key to any of Su's portrait works.  The eyes are the key to the soul and capturing them, the twinkle within gives a picture true meaning and is the make or break of photo quality finishes. 

Wolf Dog by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

Here there is a wider shot, so you can see the likeness of the original photo, as well as the some of the tools and paints used to make this master piece. 

Can you see the skull photo-bombing the portrait?  He is a master piece for Su's latest airbrushing venture... scuba tanks.

Wolf Dog summary

This portrait has been well received by the dog's owners and also by the Zenzaris audience when it was released on Su's facebook page. 

Su commented...

It was a privilege to watch this stunner working in the film Alpha and more then a pleasure to study his features up close and personal.

The actual portrait is A3 in size, and is airbrushed on the usual aluminium composite board that she uses for these pictures.

Su has shared that she created the painting using Createx paints and it has a Satin finish, which is perfect for the end master piece. 

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