Introducing Durotan the Warcraft Orc

Durotan, the Warcraft Orc was bought to the silver screen by Legendary Pictures & Blizzard Entertainment.  

Here Su has captured the fascinating face of Durotan.

Durotan, the warcraft orc from Warcraft. #zenzarisDurotan - the Warcraft Orc

So why this particular face?  Su has advised that she wished to produce a portrait study.  

While she acknowledges that she would be able to achieve any portrait, she liked some very particular elements of this character.  

The features and definitions that make this Orc who he is, are not like you'd meet on 'Joe average' on the street, which is why this particular character appealed to Su.  It has to be said, you don't often see a tusked, pierced, pointy ear-ed, sun tanned person every day, do you?

Who is this warcraft orc, Durotan?

Durotan is the son of Garad, and the chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan within the history of World of Warcraft.  

If you are familiar with this world, or you have seen the Warcraft film, you may know that Durotan is the father of the Shaman and future Warchief, Thrall. 

Durotan himself is an orc, a contemporary of Orgrim Doomhammer, and he is the star of the film.  If you are familiar with the map of Kalmindor from the game, you will know that Durotar is the land just outside the Orc capital city, Origrimmar.  It was named Durotar in honor of this very character.

The first time Su shared this picture, just the tongue was sticking out of the picture, and she asked if the character can be recognized. 

As the airbrushed painting develops you can see the build up of the layers, bringing out the finer details within the painting.

You can certainly learn more about Durotan, and the film Warcraft here.  The following video will show you how accurate Su's work is...

Please note that the image is based on Durotan, and is not an exact film cell from the Warcraft.

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