Wall Mural Painting

Wall mural painting is one of the latest projects that Su has undertaken.  

When I heard that she was working on this, I instantly thought that her boys would be having a minecraft themed mural... along with dungeons and dragons.  For this I was wrong...instead, Su had been approached by the gym that she frequents. 

The gym acquiring new premises, needed some assistance to settle in and make it feel like home.  So with the bold striking colors around the gym, the next step was to get some decent imagery on the walls.  This is where Su came in...

Wall Mural Painting Client says "Keep It Corpus"

The gym has a strong image for their Corpus Conditioning, and this was the first design that was needed to embrace the walls.  Offered onto a bright green wall the main logo is big, bold, and striking.  Take a look at it for yourself...

The delightful skull was worked on with the airbrush over a couple of days, causing minimal interruption to the gym.  This has been so well received, that further pictures have been commissioned, and slowly the gym will be transformed. 

As the wall mural painting increases at the gym, we'll add the details to this page...  

Corpus Conditioning - a series of three...

Every image has a challenge.  Wall mural painting isn't any different!  In fact the texture of the wall can help (or hinder!) the artist at work. 

So with the series of three below, outlining the images on the black background presented a challenge.  The texture of the walls, meant that it was very easy for the line to go wobbly, not what Su wished to have at all! 

Corpus Gym, three people training

As you can see for the finished results, there wasn't any wobbly lines!

This particular mural is big enough for the people to almost be life size... don't forget the gym will help you achieve that silhouette too!

Other work for Corpus

These other two pieces can also be found at Corpus Gym.

Diddy (to the left here), is the gym mascot.  His mural was going to be placed on the wall, but after careful consideration, Su decided to migrate him to composite board.  This means the Gym's owner, Luke can take him home should he wish.

However the flame doorway (pictured right), is quite firmly a door mural.

Wall Mural Painting - Works In Progress...

More to follow