Under the ocean art

This is a series of under the ocean artworks created to share my love of all creatures who dwell there.

Using my passion for Scuba diving,(something I find a poor substitute to developing gills and the ability to remain underwater indefinitely) to inspire the pieces in my marine pieces.

Please click on the photos to see current paintings available for purchase, 

the paintings over the next couple of weeks

"Bruce - Fish are friends"

"A Little Peace Floats By"

"Surfs Up"

orange octopus with sculptured 3d relief elements in a large painting

"Octavia - Intelligence is Beautiful"

"Hide & Seek - Stick around and we come find you"  

Sea turtle swimming over a coral seabed in the sun light

"Surfs Up - Totally dude"

"Bruce - All fish are friends"

"Jellyfish - A Little Peace Floats By"

Humpback Whale Painting

"Should you be here?"