Tiger Portrait

This Tiger Portrait is part of the 'On Black' series of pictures by Su Eld-Weaver.

This Tiger Portrait is part of the 'On Black' series of pictures by Su Eld-Weaver.  Being the big and powerful cats that they are, this image captures the imagination of Su.

Su likes her big cats, and I believe would home a tiger if she thought it wise.  I'm not sure what her other cats would think to that though!

This picture has no childhood links, it has been painted to capture the hungry look that it give you.  

In 2018, Su went to display her art work in the House of Fraser at Rushden Lakes.

Many of the visitors were captivated by the tiger portrait, who basically followed you around the room.  I am surprised it wasn't snapped up then and there.

So with this picture you can almost hear the purr, let's look at how it was created...

Tiger Portrait by Su Eld-Weaver @zenzaris

The start of the tiger, which you can see is on white!  You can see that the auburny orange of the tiger is added to the picture. 

Tiger Portrait by Su Eld-Weaver @zenzaris

Here the black has been extensively use to create the background and start on the eyes and stripes on this tiger. 

Tiger Portrait by Su Eld-Weaver @zenzaris

Sharpening up the image, and more details, and structure to the stripes.  You an see these are better defined, and the tiger is looking more realistic.

The white highlights, are focused on here.  As the painting is worked on they bring the tiger more and more to life. 

Have you noticed that the chin hairs have been defined.

Tiger Portrait by Su Eld-Weaver @zenzaris

There seems to be quite a big difference here. The orange has been worked on, bringing this tiger portrait to life. 

You can see the nose details, and the stripes on the body. 

Tiger Portrait by Su Eld-Weaver @zenzaris

The finishing touches are going on with this one.

You can see the tiger looming out of the darkness. 

Whatever is in his gaze, the tiger portrait is studying it quite closely...

Tiger Portrait enquiries...

For sale, this tiger portrait would make a fantastic gift.  If it is not quite what you would like, why not contact Su and discuss an alternative.  

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