Ford Farm Therapy Wall

In the nearby village of Denford in an amazing farm that reaches out to provide a safe, nurturing environment to help young people achieve their potential and help them gain / regain self confidence and sense of worth.

I have personal experience at  this farm, with the great things this environment provides. Three of my own children have been fortunate to be able get time to attend to have time with them, watching your children blossom is a gift you can never truly say thank you for.

I worked closely alongside Caroline, the owner of the setting to create a piece of sensory artwork that would engage the children's wonder and senses in a way they had most likely not had the opportunity to experienced before.

The allotted space that we decided on was 7m x 3m in the old student barn. This gave us a lovely big space to create 3d renders of wildlife from various animal biomes. The idea is to provide these children with an chance to engage with the artwork and stimulate their imagination and help with the desire to communicate 

"The Wall" is my way to express my gratitude to this incredible farm that continues to has such an positive impact of vulnerable children.

My 7m x 3m blank canvas, just needed to do a spot of plastering to get it all primed and ready to begin. I can honestly say I will never offer my services as a plasterer.  

Sketching out the plan on the wall completed, this shows the fist layer for the walrus to just the 3d relief scale to make sure it was going to work

adding the snowy owl up high to check overall scale. 

mid-week progress meeting, during the whole process of any of my creations I have regular catch ups with my clients so they are a big part of the development.

Each week during the summer holidays the Farm runs a summer club. I made sure by end of work on the sixth day each week to have the space clear away and ready to receive the children.

this is the end of the first week.

End of week two and most of the critters are in place.

The different biomes being represented by different animals found within each of the six chosen. 

End of week three.

all of the animals are in place and finer details are finished. All that's left now is the priming and the painting.

End of week four.

Finished project all ready for the September intake of Students.