Zenzaris Standard Poodle Breeders

Su Eld-Weaver & SerenitySu Eld-Weaver & Serenity

Zenzaris Standard Poodle Breeders have top line, prestigious dogs, that are a testament to their breed.  With bright eyes, and their inquisitive nature vibrant within the bloodline, your poodle will be everything you want and more.

The Zenzaris bloodline, stems from Su's grooming career.  As a groomer initially, she noticed the fun and intelligence of the Poodle breed.  

After fostering a Poodle for a while, the dog needed to be returned.  If you have ever done this, you will know that is heart wrenching, and Su was no exception.  With this in mind she sought her first Poodle, and opted for a puppy to call her own.  Not fostered, just hers.  This is when Kelsey, a black standard poodle, entered Su's life.

As the bond between Kelsey and Su grew, Su opted to breed with her.  With this started Su commenced the Zenzaris bloodline.

Standard Poodle Breeders - at home with Su

Currently the three dogs at home, Dobby, Serenity, and Rogue, were all white.  Along with Su, her husband Calvin and their four boys the dogs enjoy a full family lifestyle.

These three dogs are with Su due to having active rolls in either Movie, TV or being used creatively.  In case you are wondering, the dogs enjoy all of these aspects; they are constantly with Su throughout the day, and when they are being prepped for their roles, they adore the additional attention.

Does Su have a favorite dog?  As with any owner, each dog has it's quirks that makes it's personality unique.  But these elements make it very hard to answer which dog is her favourite.  

That being said, Dobby holds a special position in the pack.  Su and Dobby have achieved so much together, and their journey's are not finished yet.  

Standard Poodle Breeders - at home with Lynda

Lynda, has the space at home for looking after the mother's and their pups.  

She enjoys looking after the young families, and ensuring all the Poodles receive the care, love and attention that they need.  You can often see the videos and pictures of the pups with their Mum's, via the social media channels.   

It has been a while since Su, bought her first bundle of fluff back to her family home.  Since then the Zenzaris bloodline has continued to four generations.  

You'll be able to find out more about the past and present Zenzaris Poodles through the Zenzaris Family Tree. 

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