Sea Turtle Painting - "Surf's Up"

Surf's Up

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Surfs up.....

“Crush, Life Beneath the Waves”

Continuing with my ocean series you may start to notice I am a bit of a Disney girl at heart. 

I find myself drawn to species that have appear in films like “Finding Nemo”

My mother and sister had the pleasure of taking the footage that I used for my reference image. They filmed this beauty whilst diving in Australia.

Watching the creation of your picture

I am normally a shy person about my art work and only share snap shots, as you will have seen in my other paintings for sale.

This time, I would like to take you behind the scenes and follow along as I bring a piece to life. It may not be the most economical way to some people but this is the way my brain works.

In part 2, we go back beneath the wave and follow the journey of this painting.  

This clip sees the main focus being spent working on the most important part of the painting. 

Hope you all enjoy watching along as the time lapse shows the progression of my work. 

Part 3.  In this time lapse video we will follow along with the project, as we once again dive under the waves to find out how Crush is doing. 

Part 4  This is the final time lapse.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure under the waves to bring this sea turtle, Crush,  to life. The final Piece is available for sale.

Crush, Life Beneath the Waves

Airbrushed with Createx Colours

Stretched canvas, Gallery wrapped

1.2m x 1m

£2500 + shipping

DM to purchase

Surf's Up