Custom Scuba Diving Tanks

Seal underwater around the UK.Su's friend, the seal

Scuba diving tanks are a necessity, especially if you want to breath underwater! 

Su has a love of water and the wildlife found beneath the river, lake or ocean top.  This love has taken her into the water in 2019 not only here in the UK, but in the US and also Europe.  She has had much fun, and enjoyed her "down time" by working on getting her diving qualifications... 

Although Su has almost grown webbed feet this year, she hasn't forgotten the art world.  In fact this opportunity to play with seals, and look at the underwater world has everything to do in expanding her range of art work talents. 

With this in mind and an underwater camera, Su has been able to capture the underwater world and use the images on her own scuba diving tanks.  On one particular trip she captured the seal (above), who was remarkably friendly and playful. 

When the tanks were being filled, Su noticed that nearly all air tanks look the same... and as she likes to be unique, she decided to customize her own scuba diving tanks!  

So by combining her seal friend and the scuba tanks, she has produced this fabulous custom tank...

The finished result is stunning, as you can see below. 

I wonder what the seal would think to seeing his face on the tank?  I'm sure he wouldn't mind this tribute.

Do you have a favourite underwater scene that you would like to capture on your scuba tanks, or as a diver, you just want to be able to readily identify your own tanks, then you should definitely contact us

As with nearly all of Su's art work, you will need to make sure any photo image, is as crisp as you can get it. 

You should make sure that the eyes of the subject are captured, so that the subject's personality can be seen.

Other designs available for scuba diving tanks...

There are times, when we just don't know what we do want on our scuba diving tanks to make them readily identifiable.  To assist with this, Su has come up with the following designs, that you can choose from...

What lies beneath...

Inspired by a dive in Malta, Su has designed this sunken skull, as if you can see it on the bottom of the ocean floor.

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