The story of the Red Eyed Tree Frog

The red-eyed tree frog, with the name of Billy.   Not a story of the Princess & the Frog, but instead a little girl and her pet frog, Billy!

Now whether the affection fro Billy stemmed from childhood stories the search fro a prince, or just 'one of those things children do' Su cannot remember.  However this image, affectionately known as Billy The Frog has been generated in his memory.  

Airbrushed leaves #zenzaris
Adding the shading to Billy #zenzaris
Adding a different grade of Green #zenzaris
Unmasked Billy! #zenzaris
Feet and Eyes are added #zenzaris
Billy uncovered #zenzaris

So to share the story of Billy The Frog...

Su would go in search of many wildlife creatures in her African home.  In particular, frogs.  When she found one, she would pick him up and amake a home for him in her room.  

Not content with that and as any good fairytale believing child would do, she would place "Billy" under her pillow!  Come the next morning Su didn't always check on the latest Billy frog.  So her poor Mum ended up escorting  'Billy' from the premises... that's if he didn't jump out on her first!

Further green is added to Billy #zenzaris
Billy is taking form #zenzaris

The Actual Red-eyed Tree Frog

Also in our 'On Black' series

African Elephant

The red-eyed tree frog is native to the rainforests between Mexico and Central America.  Su did not grow up there, but instead the plains of Zimbabwe.  

Talking with Su's Mum, she reminisced about a story of Su's childhood and about her lovable frog, Billy.  Growing up in Africa, Su has many unusual stories about the wildlife that surrounded her.  Not all have been captured in her pictures yet, but they will be on their way soon...

...we are definitely looking forward to the shark!  We know that Zimbabwe is a landlocked country, but in a child's mind, the artistic scope is endless.

A more colourful frog has been chosen, so Billy could become bacon of the "On Black" series of artworks by  

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