Red Eyed Tree Frog Pictures

Red eyed tree frog pictures

You've only to enter the term "red eyed tree frog pictures" into Google to see an abundance of images on this little green frog.  He has quite an inquiring face, but loves to confuse those in his natural habitat.

With the vibrant colour you can see here, it is no wonder that this picture is popular.

As part of Su's 'On Black' series, this picture was produced for a competition winner.  The new owner took part in and won the "Best in Show" category of the Vitae Canis - Style to Rescue show.  Congratulations!

This show is supported annually by Su, as it is close to her heart.  Su has also produced the swan for a previous year's winner.  Makes me wonder what the following year's winner will choose!

Constructing the red eyed tree frog pictures...

Here is the preparatory work that goes into creating Su's beautiful pieces of work.  Here you can see part of the stencils that she custom makes to generate her images. As requested the image was to be worked on the black background as common to Su's styling.

You can see the outline taking shape and the folds in the background leaves becoming more prominent and crisp.

Playing and layering the colours, Su has now got more confidence, so the colours in this picture are really quite contrasting and striking.

Along with the layers, Su has created more depth in the image, by pushing the back of the frog into the darkness, and bringing the front of the frog to more prominence.  Here you can see that the tape will hide the next colour to be added.

Su is particularly pleased with the colour under the chin.  It has far more complexity and detail.

Direct from Su...

About the red eyed tree frog in pictures...

Much like the real creature the bright almost neon green of this little frog is as vivid in it's natural habitat as it is on the black background of Su's picture. 

Commonly you'd see this nocturnal creature and it will flash the striking colours to thwart a predator!  Although the frog itself is not endangered, it's home, (in the tropical lowlands from southern Mexico, throughout Central America, and in northern South America), is.  

I'm not sure where the new owner has hung this beautiful picture in their home, but it would make a lovely bright addition to a darker corner.

Just remember you don't have to be a competition winner to own one of Su's art pieces.  You can certainly check out the gallery or one of the links below...

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