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Zenzaris Grooming - Memoires of a Geisha, Hershey 2013 WinnerHershey, Pennsylvania, USA. Winner 2013

Su has been in the poodle grooming industry for 20 years.  How did this start?  Well the ownership of the poodles also dates back 20 years too.  When you own a breed such as these, they are endearing dogs and soon become a passion.  As with most things this passion soon turns to an addiction.  Life without them is just not an option!

That being said, Su is not just good at poodle grooming, she is a capable all breeds groomer.

Throughout her grooming career she has evolved and explored the many different aspects of the industry.  She now finds herself working within the TV and Film industry more and more. 

I thoroughly enjoy working within the TV and Film industry and have amazing job satisfaction. 

Grooming Competitions

Having been in grooming competitions with various breeds since 1997, Su and her dogs have obtained a fantastic range of awards.

Entering the Grooming salon you can see the multiple coloured ribbons, certificates and trophies that are a testimony to Su's skills in this area.

Many of these are for first place wins, not just with Poodles but across all breeds.  If you know Su, you will know that she is modest and although news articles about Su and her poodle grooming career, describe her as an "award winning groomer", those aren't the words that would readily come to herself.

That being said, what she doesn't know about a dogs coat, condition, treatments, just isn't worth knowing.  To give you an idea of the competitions that Su has won in the past...

  • BIS at the Northern Grooming competition
  • Groomer of the Year at the British Dog Groomer Championships and Irish Grooming Championship competition
  • Creative Groomer of the Year, several times
  • Creative Stylist at Hershey Groom Expo

For a full list of Su's work, visit the achievements.  You should also stop by the gallery to take a look at these award winning designs.

If you wish to know where Su is next competing, we will keep you posted!

Life beyond Poodle Grooming

Poodle grooming day in and day out once was a very big part of Su's life.  She had her own salon and business was booming.  For many in the world that would be reaching the top of your career.  But for Su, her eyes were focused on the future, growing and moving her business into new heights.

So the day-to-day grooming isn't handled by Su anymore, instead she will actively teach Poodle Grooming and Creative Grooming in dedicated seminars.  These can be as small as one-to-one's, to small workshops.

Should you wish to have Su's expertise in this area, we welcome you to contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a date.

Working with Animal Agencies

In more recent ventures, Su's Grooming career has gone a step beyond her biggest hopes.  

Her current ventures have her teaming up with various Animals Agencies and working on Movies, and Commercial Television programmes!  

In this role she can not only provide her more than suitable dogs, but also her coloring and grooming skills.  All tailored to the job brief and the desire of the Producer.

While you may not see Su in any of these, I'm sure Dobby may well look familiar to a few people!

Dobby is just one of the standard Poodles that Su has at home.   She has her own bloodline and has bred champions that reside in the United Kingdom, Norway and the United States of America. 

You can learn more about Dobby and her relatives here.

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