Parrot Macaw

Macaw - Blue and Yellow by Su Eld-Weaver @zenzarisarts

The majestic Parrot Macaw can be found here.  Produced to a photo quality finish by airbrush, you can see the individual feathers on this piece of art.

In the below work in progress pictures you will see how the parrot is being built up, layer by layer. 

This was one of the first pieces that I saw finished.  Although not huge, the picture captivates you as soon as you walk into the room.

The colours are unbelievably vibrant and striking, that just like the real parrot you will not be able to ignore this parrot macaw!  I do hasten to add, this one doesn't talk back.

All of these types of pictures start as templates.  This marks out the basic shapes to fulfill each project that Su is working on. 

Adding the black and white for the eye of the parrot and slowly working on building up the beak and the feathers around the eye.

First phases of colour are found here.  The base blue colours are added and the outlining of the individual feathers.

Here more detail of the feathers are added, pushing some of the colours back and waiting for them to be brought forward.  This technique adds depth and generates the light and dark shades within the piece.

You can see here the bird is coming together.  The facial features are coming together with the markings around the eyes and the piercing stare of the parrot's eye. 

Working on this parrot macaw's beak is next.  You can see the very fine line that distinguishes the top beak from the bottom. 

Parrot Macaw Summary

The final artwork was one of the first into the photo realism world for Su.  Due to this and how striking the image is, it was placed within the Zenzaris banner at the top of her Website.  There he can keep a beady eye on you!

How did this piece come about?  Su was asked if she could paint a bird... think the answer to that is yes.  When asked, Su has mentioned that she has learnt a lot more about airbrushing since painting this piece. 

As she is further on her artistic journey she has stated that she would tackle this bird differently should she do similar again.

The macaw is now sold and resides in a gold frame with looking over his new family.

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