Painting Cats

Painting cats, a common household pet, is one of the most popular requests for most animal portrait artists.

This domestic cat is captured with it's yellow green eyes and tabby on white coat. All the details have been meticulously added by Su.  This piece was designed to hone and master skills, which can be seen in the progress photos. 

You will notice that there are times it is difficult to spot whether it's the original image or Su's work that is on show.  

This is the original image, that needs to be replicated.  

You can also see here a number of the tools used in creating these masterpieces. 

The blank canvas!  The sheet being held up has the eye's cut out, ready for the work that needs to be achieved. 

Here this set of 4 images, you can see the build up in the detail of the eye.  Including a the original shadow fo the eye, adding the yellow and touch of green to get the effect of the cats.

Painting Cats

The second eye is being worked on, and you can see the definition around the outside of the eyes now.

Another work station picture, (I think it was lunch time!).  Now you can see Su's work compared to the original image.   They are not finished here - but they are close. 

A close up of Su's eye compared to the original. 

Once the eyes were mastered, these were covered and fur was added. 

The finished piece is available for sale, as pictured above.  

The work on this cat though didn't end here.  This particular piece of work inspired Su to try an alternative medium too.  

The aim was to see is she could get as good a likeness as she has achieved here.  The newer medium is digital, drawn on an iPad.  Does that not blow your mind!  Well you can see the end result and the progress video, by viewing the facebook video here...

The digital art is also for sale, although this will be limited editions.  If this is something that you would like, then please do contact us and we will discuss this with you. 

You can see the importance of capturing the eyes of the portrait.  A lot of detail is contained with the eyes, and in real life, they are a window to the very essence of the being. 

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