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For me, one of the most unusual and fascinating creatures on this planet is the octopus. With a proven intelligence, they have the capability to problem solve, that I was fortunate to witness whilst diving in Malta.

Their incredible capability on squeezing their form through the smallest of gaps, makes them the most versatile of creatures and the best escape artist.

Octopi are the true chameleons of the under water world.  While they can come in any colour, they achieve this by changing the pigment in their skin as a form of defense, to blend in with their surroundings and even while they are dreaming!  

I chose the orange and purple of the Common Octopus to depict Octavia, as those are my favorite contrasting colours to work with.  With them being a creature that naturally changes their colour, a commission could be undertaken to feature this fabulous creature in a colour palette of your choice. 

Fortunately, not all of Octavia's 1000 suckers are visible, as the ones presented on the painting, are sculpted using flexible polymer materials.  These allow the suckers prominence from the canvas, offering a unique perspective for this tactile painting.  

As you can see Octavia really does float from your living room wall to become part of your family. 

Tactile Painting

This canvas has a deliberate 3D, sculpted element to allow the observer to engage with the art work.  The piece is protected with clear varnish, so you can physically touch this piece, so you can immerse yourself into Octavia's environment.

I invite you to dive beneath the waves to experience Octavia's world and visit all the marine wildlife that live there.  After watching the documentary #myoctopusteacher I found it a compelling year long tale of the bond, between the diver and octopus.

After drying my eyes, I felt that the time was right to complete this painting.  

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