Jellyfish Paintings

The desire to reach out and touch? There’s no sting here!

“A Little Peace Floats by”

Whilst a lot people think of the stingers first when they think of jellyfish, I find them totally mesmerising to watch. During my times scuba diving I have only come across small ones so far but love to watch them swim by.

A tactile piece with the a 3D relief element inviting you to touch without receiving a nasty sting. 

Airbrushed with createx on canvas,

Gallery wrapped, Ready to Hang

30 cm x 40 cm

£500 + shipping

DM to purchase

Jellyfish floating peacefully in the ocean, minding it's own business
3d detailing close up of a jellyfish float by in the ocean
painting of a jellyfish peacefully floating by in the ocean, shown in a room environment