Humpback Whale painting

Humpback Whale swims up closer to see what is in the water with her, with a look on her face wondering if you should be here?
close up look into the humpback whales eye as they search for your intentions
Humpback whale swims in for a closer look, shown in a room setting

This is my Humpback Whale Painting "Should you be down here?"

The inspiration for this came from personal adventures in the ocean surrounding the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic.  I had the pleasure of spend January - March 2021 in the area of Las Terrenas and Samana.

I have always wanted to see large marine life with my own eyes so I couldnt believe my luck to have a project that would have me in the Dominincan Republic at just the right time of year. I had to honour of seeing them on the annual migration to their breeding grounds. I also has the eerie and yet emotional and amazing experience of hearing their song during one of my scuba diving days out. 

“Should you be here?”

Studio mounted canvas 1.2m x 1m

Airbrushded with Createx colours