Hide & Seek

stick around and we will come find you

Two seal pups playing hide and seek amongst the kelp depicted on a large canvas.


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Hide & Seek

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“Hide & Seek”

October is seal pup season for the Farne Islands in the UK. What better time to dive and have the pleasure of watching these funny and inquisitive creatures as they play in the water around you. As the interaction is complete on their terms it always feels like an honour when they choose to interact with you. 

Do you enjoy a dive thats on the cooler side of things?

Are you happy to experience the potential for reduced visibility?

Do you have what it takes to stay still waiting, for them to get used to you being in their environment?

Their curiosity will normal win them round and they will come to investigate you. Fins are their favourite things to chew on so the experience can be quite involved.

This particular pair in the painting decided to investigate my buddy’s and my cameras up close and personal.  They started circling us and the quieter we were the more curious they became. Playing in our bubbles, swimming through the kelp, they chased each other playing like we were not there.

We were filming them during their time playing when  they chose to have a good look at our equipment. This included footage of the insides of their mouths. What an incredible experience. Being underwater enjoying watching the creatures of the ocean is a privilege, to be cherished. This is one of the main inspirations behind the current ocean series.

“Hide & Seek - 

stick around and we will come find you”

1m x 1.2m

Gallery wrapped canvas

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