Great White Shark Art

A lone great white shark cruising through the ocean, minding its own business

A great white shark swimming through the ocean in the basking light of the sun- painting by Su Eld-Weaver


“Bruce - All fish are friends”

I find the great white shark to be both intimidating and awe-inspiring at the same time. They are the most incredible Apex predator on this planet unchanged for so many years by external influences.

Given a terrible reputation through Hollywood and scary movies whilst being such an important influence to the equilibrium of the ocean. Slowly the perception of sharks are changing, with thanks to a couple of children's movies sharks have been portrayed in a better light.

One of my bucket list is to do a caged dive with a great white shark and to see one up close and personal with my own eyes.

They are so crucial to balancing out the oceans natural order of things and are vital to healthy and sustainable world.

This artwork is my contribution to improving their own the reputation of these incredible beast. 

A loan great white shark cruising through the ocean minding his own business.

“Bruce - All fish are friends”

Airbrushed with Createx paints on stretch canvas

Ready to hang

100cm x 50cm or 40” x 20”

£1500 + Shipping

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