Eurasian Eagle Owl

The Eurasian Eagle Owl airbrushed.  

This beautiful owl has been captured with amazing detail.  Discover the journey this owl has taken on it's road to creation.

Returning from Ireland, having painted an amazing house cat, the big eyes were an amazing draw.  So what else has big eyes?  That's right the owl.  

Having discovered the bright orange eyes of the Eurasian Eagle Owl, the paint just had to find the composite board.

Eurasian Eagle Owl by Zenzaris Creative Arts

Here you can see the colour of the eyes and the background shadows of the feathers have been added. 

Eurasian Eagle Owl by Zenzaris Creative Arts

With this one, the eyes and ears are more intense. 

Eurasian Eagle Owl by Zenzaris Creative Arts

Feather's require a building up of layers, then taking those layers back almost so you are undoing your work. 

Other wildlife pictures...

As you can see the layers are building up to form the rough base colors of the feathers seen in the above pictures.  

Su uses an airbrush to generate these images.  

Yup, you know the ones that you'd paint a car with?  She's yet to work on a physical car, but should you fancy this owl on your bonnet, you should stop ask for a quote...

Anyway, back to the step-by-step pictures, in this next section you will see even more depth of colour and definition build up and then the finer details being added.

Are you thinking that this owl is nearly finished at this point?  Why do people love Su's work?  It's due to the details, and believe it or not this is not finished yet.

Eurasian Eagle Owl by Zenzaris Creative Arts

More colours to the feathers.  Slowly building up the layers of colours to make the distinguished feathers "pop". 

Eurasian Eagle Owl by Zenzaris Creative Arts

Adding more definition and shadows...

These leads us to this picture where you will see a lot stronger colours and dark definitions have been added. 

Eurasian Eagle Owl #zenzaris

A comparison to the photo that this owl is based on. 

The original images are frequently referred to, when looking to achieve a photo quality image. 

Eurasian Eagle Owl #zenzaris

Working the layer back a bit to get the final details in. 

This particular piece is so striking that when on display in the House of Fraser event in Rushden, literally brought people to see it from across the shop floor. 

This is the finished Eurasian Eagle Owl.  It is all ready to take flight to it's new home.  If you would like to give this owl a home, you should contact us.

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