Elephant Portrait by Su

The Elephant Portrait by Su is one of the 'On Black' series of artworks.  The headshot of the Elephant shows every wrinkle and crease that makes an elephant's face distinguished.

I have asked Su, "Why did you want to paint this elephant?"...

Su has shared that she has a keen fondness of Elephant's dating back to her childhood. 

Living in Africa for her formative years, she fell in love with Elephant's and their way of life.  The Elephant's family unit, the characteristics of supporting one another are much admired by Su.  How they interact as within that family unit, and the whole elephant mindset has made them one of her favourite land animals.

When not challenged with a commission, Su loves to draw, paint or sculpt the animals she admires, so picked the elephant portrait had to be done.   

Su is quick to point out though, that she does prefer the African Elephant to the Indian. 

Watch the Elephant portrait grow...

Elephant Portrait by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

The initial sketch of the image to be used for the basics of this portrait.

Elephant Portrait by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

The background has been blackened here, and then the starting structures of the elephant are being added, in white.  

You can see the misty, feathered background has been added, so that in the final image it looks like the elephant is appearing from the dark.

Elephant Portrait by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

Here you can see that Su is working on the shadow creases, and is building on the texture of the elephant's skin. 

You can see the definition around the ears coming through and around the eyes.

Elephant Portrait by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

Here the darker areas that have been worked on.  

These create the textures of the skin, the eye and the expression on the elephant's face.

Elephant Portrait by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

The layers of paint are building up so that the elephant's skin across the skull has a stronger definition.

Elephant Portrait by Su Eld-Weaver of #zenzaris.com

The last finishing touches are added, and we can see the final piece.

Evelyn the Elephant

While talking to Su about Elephant's, and the inspiration for this elephant portrait, she shared that one of the first pieces she ever sold was an Elephant. 

Christened "Evelyn the Elephant", she was a sculpture that Su worked on in school.  As part of the schools ethos, Su was given the opportunity to showcase her work in reception for a month. 

An elderly visitor to the school took a shine to the Evelyn, and wanted to purchase her!  This was back in 1990, and has helped to set Su on the road to where she is now.

It is safe to say, that this "On Black" Elephant is not the first Elephant art piece to be sold and it's probably not the last either...  time will have to tell on that one!

UPDATE: This painting is now sold.  Should you wish to discuss an elephant based picture or sculpture, by all means contact us.

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