Door Murals - Flames for Corpus!

Door murals aren't something you would find everywhere, but this creation is part of the commissions for Corpus Conditioning Gym.  

As with the internal door at the gym, you can see that a door mural enhances any entrance that you have.  This particular door can be found at Corpus Conditioning Gym, in Rushden. 

Working your muscles at a gym you will feel the burn that is there.  It helps you to know that you've worked and are working the muscles and that you will succeed with your goal.

You can now see Su's art work reflecting the flame of your muscles around the gym door.

Masking up #zenzaris

Airbrushing takes a fair bit of space.  As the gym is bustling environment by day, Su has scheduled the work over an evening...

White wisps

 ...this means that Luke & company leave a blank space of wall for Su to work on.  When they open the next day, they can see Su's creation. 

Red mist.  An almost invisible layer that adds depth to the artwork.

So this series of photos are taken over one evening in early April!

Adding more colour #zenzaris

As you can see there is a build up of colours and shapes within the flames.  

So another commission is completed for the gym.

The next question is... have you considered having a mural painted?  

Reach out and get yourself a quote from Su.

Add highlighting #zenzaris

To make sure that the effects of the mural weren't compromised, Su agreed to also paint the hand gel dispenser that is on the wall.

Can you spot it?

The shaping is created by some of the stencils that you can see in the pictures.  

Fortunately Su hasn't a fear of heights, so will also use equipment such as step ladders to create the murals that you have agreed on. 

There is nothing better than to read how happy your client is, as seen here in their instagram post...

More Than Door Murals...

As you are a follower of Zenzaris Arts, you'll know that there is more than just the flames being found at Corpus Conditioning Gym.  You can visit the gym to see Su's artwork in person, you can take a look here at the progress photos and end results...

Inspiration of what you can become. #zenzarisSet of 3 body images.

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