Buy Art Work:  Koi Fish Swimming

Koi Fish in a Lily Pond #zenzarisKoi Fish Pond

Having studied Iris Scott's technique, Su has been eager to have a go at working with this art technique.

The technique has pushed many boundaries for Su, including letting it get "messy"!

With this picture, Su has followed the tutorial but has used a different colour palette and different shape and size canvas.

The finished Koi Fish Pond is now for sale...

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Su is typically quite particular about her paintings and the tools that she uses to produce her artwork. 

This particular style of painting offered an avenue that Su usually would struggle with.  The lines aren't determined and the technique of working with the paint and colour on the canvas pushes the boundaries of most artists.

Su explains that this piece was an exercise in tolerance and freedom, whilst restricting her own OCDs.  She explains that she has a big issue with what she sees as scruffy paintings and this was the perfect exercise in making her be loose with her art work.

That being said, Su commented that this was a liberating experience.  

Don't get me wrong she is not going to part with the airbrush any time soon, but working this piece has opened more options and ways to explore paint and produce her wonderful paintings. 

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