Boston Terrier Adoption?

Boston Terrier Painting by Su Eld-Weaver, Zenzaris Creative ArtsBoston Terrier

Considering a Boston Terrier Adoption?  This adoption is of a painting by Su Eld-Weaver.  The finest of detail can be seen in the depth of his eyes, through to the individual hairs on his coat.  This lovely painting is crying out for it's forever home.

Recently seen in the House of Fraser event at Rushden Lakes, this fine picture received many admiring glances.  The dog's ability to look at you from any angle bought people over to discover more about him, and Zenzaris Creative Arts.

Painted with the finest of details, so that you can actually see the individual hairs on this Boston, he is now longing to join a family

Painting by Su Eld-WeaverBoth legs are painted out without detail

Here you can see some of the work in progress. The image to the left has the shading and markings of the legs laid out.

On the right hand side, you can see the exquisite details added, painstaking, taking many hours.  Here the toes, on both feet are added, and the finer individual hairs on the back legs.

Painting by Su Eld-WeaverToes!

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This painting is quite a size, measuring 100cm x 50cm.  It would look eye-catching on any wall you choose to place him in your home.

It is a canvas mounted on wood, and would hang suitably without a frame should you wish.  

At Zenzaris Creative Arts we do not usually frame the final pieces.  

This is purely as a frame is such a personal aspect.  You need to make sure that it is fitting to your decor and that it compliments the image and your taste.  

Boston Terrier Adoption - history

Boston Terrier by Su Eld-WeaverThe eyes capture the personality

This particular dog is based on a pose from a picture and then Su has used her grooming knowledge to adapt the coloring to something more favorable. 

As with all her pieces, Su comments "that any picture must have the personality reflected in their eyes.  Red eye, or retina eye on a dog, cannot reflect the personality and therefore it is imperative that any image have the eyes as their main focal point."

Su, like many artists, has found this picture a labour of love.  

I asked Su why she painted this particular breed, as it is quite different from her Poodles.  There were a few pointers that came out of this conversation including...

  • The picture wasn't stylized to Su's style, it is more of a portrait.
  • It allowed Su to explore the finer details with a paint brush
  • The breed is popular and loved by many
  • It is also short haired, which needed a different approach, as it isn't the flowing coats of the Afghan or Poodle's that she usually works on.

It is safe to say that she will be happy for him to find his forever home, now he is finished.  So should you love this Boston Terrier, adoption papers are waiting for you right here!

Boston Terrier by Su Eld-WeaverLeft hand side is needing work

For those that did visit Su at House of Fraser, Rushden Lakes, you'll have seen her paint the details (the individual hairs) on the left hand side of the Boston. 

For reference, here is the close up of the work on the right.  This will show you the level of detail that Su puts into her work.

Boston Terrier by Su Eld-WeaverExquisite detail

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