Black and White Woman Portrait

This black and white woman portrait depicts a cheeky grin looking back over her shoulder.  So what exactly is she looking over her shoulder to see?

That is completely up to you!  

This cheeky little number has been produced by Su under the careful guidance of Simon at the airbrushing school.    The young lady was used as part of the warm up session in the course that Su attended.

The art work produced is around 60:40 student to tutor ratio, and offered a lot for Su to learn from.  The end of the course produced the laughing man, so it was definitely successful!

Black and white woman portrait

Google the term 'black and white woman portrait' you'll see a set of headshots of woman looking sombre, perplexed, concerned, tired, worried and stressed.  Note that there is a distinct lack of positive emotions...

This image reminds me of the infamous one of Marilyn Monroe, with one exception - this isn't Marilyn.

With the brunette hair and backwards glance is she going to laugh, speak, wink... who knows?  What does need to be admired in this airbrushed picture, is the fact that the detail allows you to read her face as if she were real and not sat on a composite board in an art studio.

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