The Artist Art Work - About

If you didn't already know from the pages, the artist art work featured on this site belongs to Su Eld-Weaver.

Su is from an artistic family, with her Mum and sisters dabbling in many forms of art work from jewellry making through to painting. It's no surprise that Su has also embarked on this creative journey.

The artist art work could be seen as early as her days in school, where she favored Art over any other subject.  Being a keen negotiator she managed to ensure that her one wish, to study only Art, came true. 

The artist art work demonstrates many varying mediums, and disciplines.  In fact there are not many styles, medium, sizes or disciplines that daunt Su.  

Clay sculpture
Resin sculpture

Traditional painting
Water colours
Oil Painting
Glass engraving

Creative Grooming
Needle Felting
Role Play items

This is some, but not all of the skills that Su has acquired.  In fact, I'm sure there is more that she is just not ready to share with the world!

Su is keen to learn new mediums (if there are any left!), especially where she has seen the effects mastered by others.  Her first attempts often leave experienced artists exasperated.  So hiring Su for the project you have in mind, will mean you have a very experienced and talented artist completing the work you need. 

After school, Su experienced a number of jobs, traveling and seeing the world.  Much of this you can see in the artist art work that she brings to life.  

With such an amazing result, Su's talents in the Creative Grooming world are much admired.  This has allowed Su to diversify her skills so that she is now very much in demand for the Movie industry.  

Artist Art Work - when off the set...

As with many things in the Movie world, you can't always be on set, or prepping for set.  But this sort of schedule allows Su time to work on and bring more of her art work to life.

When working on set (wherever in the world), she spends the time reviewing and scouting for the next projects to do when she gets home.  

When her work is in the UK, you'll often find Su with sketchpad and pens working out the next in a series of coloring pages.  Or things that she needs to build the project, or watching YouTube to find that next medium that she wants to try.

Su's preferences are for photo realistic pictures, and she will gladly tackle any subject from pet to human, to flora and fauna.

She loves to share her progress pictures, so that any buyer can experience everything that the piece has gone through.  This takes you on the journey of the picture and should give you as much joy in showing it off, as it has for Su creating it.

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