The Art Work of Su Eld-Weaver

The art work of Su Eld-Weaver can be found here. You can keep up to date with the progress of the tactile oceanic paintings.

It may just be a work in progress of a new item or a finished item that has just been released for sale, you can keep up to date with the tactile oceanic paintings or commissions alike.

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Gabi Goes Gracefully

Standing tall and proud Gabi the Poodle gracefully poses for all to adore her

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Esme Elegantly Emerges

Day of the dead themed show trim Poodle sat regally surveying their surroundings

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Sunset Trio

menu page for the sunset stylised trio

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Stylised Colourful Collections

The stylised colourful collection of my imagination. Bright and cheerful creatures seen through my eyes and heart

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Lula Launguidly Lounges

Elegant show poodle Lula languidly lounges in an elegant show trim

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Therapy Wall Art

A 3d relief therapy wall mural, creating to help children with learning difficulties and emotional and social needs

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Zenzaris Creative Arts

Helping successful women with a passion for marine life, immerse themselves in an dynamic environment with my tactile oceanic paintings.

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American Eagle Bird

The American Eagle bird is quite majestic as it stares down it's yellow beak with sharp vision. It is no wonder America adopts the bird as a patriotic symbol.

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Under the ocean art

This is a series of under the ocean art works created to share my love of all creatures who dwell there.

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Humpback Whale painting

Humpback whale painting, she swims up close to check out who is in the water with them

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Great White Shark Art

A great white shark art swims through the ocean in the basking light of the sun- painting by Su Eld-Weaver

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Jellyfish Paintings

jellyfish paintings swimming in solidarity- 3D relief painting by Su Eld-Weaver

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Surfs Up

I am normally a shy person about my art work and only share snap shots.

I would like to take you behind the scenes and follow along as I bring a piece to life.

I may not be the most economical way to some people but this is the way my brain works.

Hope you enjoy...

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When artists are out of the studio...

When you are away from your art studio and your family (because you drive them insane by becoming lost in the process) and you are staring at the ocean longing to dive....

Why not let your imagination loose and do a sand sculpture...

"Otis" Great White Shark

Whilst I am away from my studio I am taking the opportunity to do some digital sketches of marine life.Feeling inspired by the environment i find myself in for the next few weeks.I have taken time-lapse footage from the art software that I use so I hope you enjoy watching along Otis,Great White SharkCreated in Procreate#greatwhiteshark #digitalart #marinewildlife #procreateart