The Art Work of Su Eld-Weaver

The art work of Su Eld-Weaver can be found here. You can keep up to date with the progress of the tactile oceanic paintings.

It may just be a work in progress of a new item or a finished item that has just been released for sale, you can keep up to date with the tactile oceanic paintings or commissions alike.

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Surfs Up

I am normally a shy person about my art work and only share snap shots.

I would like to take you behind the scenes and follow along as I bring a piece to life.

I may not be the most economical way to some people but this is the way my brain works.

Hope you enjoy...

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When artists are out of the studio...

When you are away from your art studio and your family (because you drive them insane by becoming lost in the process) and you are staring at the ocean longing to dive....

Why not let your imagination loose and do a sand sculpture...

"Otis" Great White Shark

Whilst I am away from my studio I am taking the opportunity to do some digital sketches of marine life.Feeling inspired by the environment i find myself in for the next few weeks.I have taken time-lapse footage from the art software that I use so I hope you enjoy watching along Otis,Great White SharkCreated in Procreate#greatwhiteshark #digitalart #marinewildlife #procreateart

Sea Turtle Painting

Sea turtle painting for sale. Surf's Up, "Crush, Life Beneath the Waves" is on in the series of paintings by Su Eld-Weaver's underwater adventures.

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Hide & Seek

Atlantic Grey seal pups

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"Big Blue"

Continuing my digital sketchesFor some reason it wont let me add the full image so I guess i have found my first lesson that i need to address.“Big Blue”The most elegant and mysterious of all the mammals on this planet has to be the blue Whale.

Digital painting

Using a photograph I took of a beautiful sunset I completed another digital musing. #sunsetpaintings #digitaldrawing #marinewildlife


Octopus painting for sale "Octavia - Intelligence is Beautiful"

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Under the ocean art

This is a series of under the ocean art works created to share my love of all creatures who dwell there.

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What did you call me?

“What did you call me?”Part 1

I have been working on several paintings for my local gym, #corpuscenter.Normally I go in over night and work my magic as not to disrupt the gym goers. This time I have gone for finding the positive in a 2nd lockdown and taking the time to work on a new piece.

Previously I painted a portrait of a silverback and this became “Valentine”. He is the thinker, planning out his day and training regime. His big brother is more the physical type and has a stern look and drill sergeants angry voice as he watches over your work out.

Follow along as I work to bring him to life in much larger then life scale.

Octavia final Part

“Octavia”. Pt 8

Dive in again

As Octavia evolves on the canvas in front of me, played back through the time lap, I begin to really appreciate the time i invest in creating my paintings,

I hope you are enjoying following along

#octopusmad #oceanwildlife #marinewildlife #beneaththewaves

Octavia pt 6

“Octavia” pt 6Intelligence is beautiful

Octavia’s suckers are developing nicely.

Feel free to leave a comment below, let me know what’s your favourite bit so far..

#oceanlife #oceanwildlife #octopus #artlovers #artcollectors #marinewildlife #zenzarisarts

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Octavia pt 5

Follow the process as I enable Octavia to appear as if she is lifting up off the canvas and coming to life..

#oceanart #Octopus #oceanwildlife #oceanwildlifelovers

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Octavia pt 4

Pt4 brings "Octavia's body to life as we contine along her journey from my head to her canvas

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Octavia pt 3

Continuing on

“Octavia” Intelligence is beautiful

I am enjoy painting her as the octopus if one of my all time favourite creatures. I hope you are enjoying following along.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what bits you enjoy the most and if there are things you would like to see more of....

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