The Art Work of Zenzaris

The art work of Zenzaris can be found here, whether it is a via a paintbrush, sculpture, airbrush or groom, we will bring the details to your very screen.

It may just be a work in progress of a new item or a finished item that has just been released for sale, you can keep up to date with all things Zenzaris.

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Tiger Portrait

This Tiger Portrait is part of the 'On Black' series of pictures by Su Eld-Weaver. The gaze of this Tiger will literally follow you around the room...

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Elephant Portrait

The Elephant Portrait by Su is one of the 'On Black' series of artworks. The headshot of the Elephant shows every wrinkle and crease that makes an elephant's face distinguished.

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Red Eyed Tree Frog Pictures

This red eyed tree frog pictures has a special meaning behind it. This particular piece was created at a special request from a competition winner.

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American Eagle Bird

The American Eagle bird is quite majestic as it stares down it's yellow beak with sharp vision. It is no wonder America adopts the bird as a patriotic symbol.

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Looking Back

This black and white woman portrait depicts a cheeky grin looking back over her shoulder. So what exactly is she looking over her shoulder to see?

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The Laughing Man

Airbrush face painting takes time, skill patience and dedication. Especially to get every line within the face. These are skills that Su has in abundance.

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Painting Cats

Painting cats a common household pet, this domestic cat is captured with it's yellow green eyes and tabby on white coat. All the detail meticulously added.

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Door Murals with an Airbrush

Door murals aren't something you would find everywhere, but this creation is part of the commissions for Corpus Conditioning Gym.

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Airbrush Portraits - Diddy

One of a series of airbrush portraits, Diddy, the pug has hit the canvas for a commission for Corpus Conditioning gym in Rushden.

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Koi Fish Finger Painting

Koi Fish swimming in the pond. Su has learnt to finger paint using Iris Scott's technique.

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Buy Art Work from Zenzaris

Are you looking for a truly original piece of art work for you, or to gift. Then visit our online store to pick up the perfect item.

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Durotan the Warcraft Orc

Durotan, the Warcraft Orc was bought to the silver screen by Legendary Pictures & Blizzard Entertainment. Here Su has captured the fascinating face of Durotan.

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The Red Eyed Tree Frog

The red eyed tree frog, with the name of Billy. Not a story of the Princess & the Frog, but instead a little girl and her pet frog, Billy!

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Whose Artist Art Work?

The whose who at Zenzaris Arts. Here you can find out more about the artist art work and what makes Zenzaris work

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An Elegant Swan Drawing

This swan drawing is airbrushed with the finest details. Su has created this commission aiming for a full photo realism in her normal style. The Mute Swan is one of her "On Black" series of airbrushed pictures that Su has been working on.

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