Art Gallery Work of Zenzaris Arts

This art gallery work will show you the many styles that can be accomplished by Su's talented hands.

Her passions through sculpture, painting and other art forms tend to involve the love of dogs, in particular Standard Poodles.

Su has developed her own distinguished style for some of her Poodle art, and you will see the Zenzaris Poodle in many mediums.

As Su's grooming career took off and went beyond anyone's expectations, her love of all animals, television and movies has become combined.  These passions are seen echoing through many of the art pieces available for sale in this art gallery.  Work is never complete in the Zenzaris Arts centre, and a recent request has also seen Su with her compressor down the local gym!

You'll be able to follow the progress of the gym as it's custom appearance evolves.

Anyway, let's get you to the gallery...


Pictures for Sale

Barn Owl

Airbrushed.  Size: 30cm x 30cm

£200 + P&P

Contact to purchase


Airbrushed.  Size: 30 x 40 cm 

£100 + P&P

Contact to purchase

Looking Back


Size: composite board.


Contact to purchase

Tiger Portrait by Su Eld-Weaver @zenzaris

Tiger Portrait

Airbrushed.  Size: 30cm x 30cm

£200 + P&P

Contact to purchase

Eurasian Eagle Owl 

Airbrushed.  Size 30x30 cm

£200 + P&P

Contact to purchase

American Bald Eagle


Size: A1 composite board


Contact to purchase

Laughing Man


Size:   cm composite board


Contact to purchase

Mural Examples

Zenzaris Murals for the Corpus client.

Corpus Gym, Rushden

Here you'll find what can be achieved with an airbrush and some blank wall space...

Do you have a mural you need painting?  

Then feel free to drop Su a line.

Motorcycle Helmets

Zenzaris visits Guardians of the Galaxy & Groot.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Su is a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy.  I mean c'mon, who isn't!  With the universe and airbrush in hand, this is the work in progress pictures.  Now which character would you add to this design?

Want to have your own motorcycle, riding, skateboard or other helmet customized?  Let Su quote this for you

Scuba Diving Tanks

Bringing the underwater world to life.

Su captures a friendly seal to customize her own scuba diving tanks.

Want a breath-taking design?  Then best contact Su for a quote.

Gallery for Sold Work


For Sale

This is the luckiest dog in the world!  Receiving much attention at the recent House of Fraser event, but still looking for her forever home...

Are you the new owner that the Black Amethyst Poodle needs?


This life size sculpture is of the beautiful Afghan.  

Suitable for inside or outside display, this stunning masterpiece is available for purchase.  If you would like this painted in authentic (or otherwise!) colours do contact Zenzaris for further information. 

Any adaption will require a deposit.


Sneak Peeks...

Su in her element here, working on the affectionately known "begging dog".

The only sculpture to ever be referred to as a boy.

Get back to work Su!

This Sunday an image arrived with the expression... 

   My new Work in Progress.  

...time will tell how this animal will evolve.  For now though, "woof".

Art Gallery Work - Paintings and more

For Sale

Boston Terrier hand painted by Su Eld-Weaver.

Boston Terrier

£300 + Postage & Packaging

Contact to Purchase

Koi Fish Pond

£100 + postage and packaging

Contact to Purchase

Sneek Peeks...

It's a tumble weed moment here!  Su's love of the airbrush has meant that she hasn't painted much recently with a 'hairy stick'! 

Although she can get beautiful quality in her paint work, we do encourage you to look at the airbrushing more closely.  The details are just as fine, and if you've left your gift buying to the last moment, this is the way to go!

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