American Eagle Bird

American Bald Eagle by Su from @zenzaris

The American Eagle bird is quite majestic as it stares down it's yellow beak with sharp vision.  It is no wonder America adopts the bird as a patriotic symbol and have placed it on their seal. 

The bird shares a few things with Su, including a love of North America.  She is more than happy to jump on a plane and visit.They live (Su wishes!) in North America in particular Alaska... not necessarily hot enough for Su, but that's another tale.

Bald Eagle placed into a room to give an idea on how amazing he would look in your own room, keeping a watchful eye over his surroundings.

Their favourite meal is salmon and they are not fussy, dead, or dying they will just eat them up.  Given their fish diet, they live along the coast line.  This is where Su starts to day dream, living by the ocean, deep sea diving, kayaking, blue skies and warmth... but we digress.

There is good news though, the bird once was on the endangered and threatened list, but it isn't any more.

Creating the American Eagle Bird...

Here you can see the base layers being put on, the creation of shadows and the start of many feathers...

The very rough basic colours are in use here to build up the details on the American Eagle bird. 

With this one, you can see the work on the beak, the eye and the feathering as they all take shape.

The addition of different colours and tones, on both the eye and the beak really start to make this stand out.

Lots of feathering details, and the white highlights are being brought forward here.  Su moves the colours from the background to the foreground to give the sharp detail effects.

In this one you can feel the ruffle of feathers, sense the sharpness of the beak, and definitely know that you too are being watched!

I remember seeing the eagle at this last stage shown here. No matter where in the room I stood, I was being surveyed!

The eyes, although on composite board, do follow you.  

The picture is A1 size, so as well as the sharpness in the eyes, you have the majesty of the portraits size to watch you as you go about your business.

I remember asking Su if this one was finished, "No" came the short reply.  She then told me the actions that she needed to take with the image.  When you look at the final finished piece, you can see it was no where near finished. 

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