Airbrush Portraits - Diddy

One of a series of airbrush portraits, Diddy the pug, has hit the canvas for a commission for Corpus Conditioning Gym in Rushden.

Pictured above with his family, you can see Diddy sat on a set of weights.

The steps behind the Airbrush portraits...

As with all the portraits that Su produces, she likes to show you the steps taken to build up the images.  

Her brief for this piece was to complete an airbrushed portrait of Diddy on Weights.  As it turns out this is a life size image, it helps that Diddy is only little himself. 

Having spent some time with Diddy, Su took a fair number of reference photos and sketches.

Once she had them all she designed this composition for the portrait. 

Su also took many photos of the weights in different forms to be the pillar for Diddy to sit on. 

The challenge here is the black weights with a black dog.

This makes the highlighting extremely important so you can see where Diddy's airbrushed portraits end and the weights begin. 

3 layers in and starting to see the detail merging in Diddy's face.

You can also notice here that the bandana is just plain black, no skulls! 

For any airbrushed portraits, we cannot stress enough how important the eyes are. 

Here you can see the detail in the eyes... and this is why!  

The eyes, often referred to as the windows to someone's soul, also homes the personality of the person or animal. 

You can see Su's facebook comments about this particular image here.

Diddy was too precious to be on the wall with no way of the artwork being a keepsake.Diddy on his pillar of weights

Diddy sat pride of place on the weights. 

Also at the gym...

Diddy, or at least his owners, can be found at Corpus Conditioning Gym, in Rushden.  

You too can sign up, get fit, and admire Su's artwork!

Airbrushed portraits, Diddy's Bandana #zenzarisartsFrom Su... "Final touches on his bandana and we are done"

Su has shared this post to her Facebook page...

"The servants to lord Diddy are the owners of what I consider the best gym in the area/county #corpusconditioning. They have trusted me with several projects on the walls of the gym but after a discussion we all decided Diddy was too precious to be in the wall with no way of the artwork being a keepsake." 

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