Airbrush Face Painting

The Laughing Man by Su from

Airbrush face painting takes time, skill patience and dedication.  Especially to get every line within the face.  These are skills that Su has in abundance.

However, artists like Su, don't just wake up one morning and go 'ta da'.  You need to learn, to draw, to practice, to paint and practice, practice, practice.  Airbrushing is no different. 

To hone her skills, Su opted to take herself back to school.  No entry exams needed, just the need to find the right person to teach you the right course for your needs.  

Su has located Simon, and takes the trips to Ireland to learn and improve on her skills.

As we've seen, Su like to produce photo realistic paintings using her much loved airbrush.  Learning from Simon pushes her skill and, which is exactly what she has signed up for. 

Simon chooses the subject matter for their studies, and this airbrush face painting piece is no exception.

The Laughing Man uses the airbrush to detail a monochromatic piece, reflecting the skin tones, laughter lines and the very important glint of personality in the subject's eyes.

About this piece, Su wrote the following on her Facebook page...

"This chap is my efforts over two days of blood, sweat and tears.  Many times I wanted to sit in the corner and say I had enough of the first day.   We pushed through and I would quit and now I have a piece of work to be proud of."

Would you like a portrait?

Su is happy to discuss any picture that you have that you would like to have painted.  

You can contact Su either direct through the Website, or via our Facebook Page.  Please make sure that the image has the following...

  • A clear image, not one that is pixelated.  
  • Permission to paint the image from the photographer and subject.
  • No red eyes

If in any doubt, contact us and we can help you select the best photo for your painting.

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