Su ELd-Weaver Art Work and much more…

Do you want to find yourself surrounded by your favourite wildlife and canines alike?

Do you want to create a space in your own home that transports you to a time and place that brings back a favourite memories?

You find you are daydreaming about being submerged in the world through animals to bring a feeling ultimate freedom in such an incredible environments? 

Give yourself permission to  focus on yourself with no other external influence, a  moment of pure self indulgence with an edge of excitement and adventure. 

Hi, I am Su Eld-Weaver, and I create large unique paintings, and sculptures which  honour my inner squirrel and my “Queen of metamorphosis“ heart. Through my art I share my passion for the natural wonders of the animal world and my long standing joy of sharing my life with standard poodles.

Capturing and sharing the essence of marine wildlife, from experiences being surrounded by the most amazing oceanic wildlife to influence the paintings emotion.

Let me take you into magical world of of my imagination and desire, to surround you with a that moment that makes your heart swell again and again, giving your imagination wings to glide into your joyful place like the giant manta ray or soar high like the graceful eagle.

Each of my painting or sculptures are one of a kind just like you. 

With a wide choice of sizes these works of art make a statement wherever you choose to display them.

International shipping is available

Who am I …?

Helping fun loving people with a passion for all wildlife dive into a limitless world of imagination with my large tactile paintings and sculptures.

It is safe to say that a fascination with all of the natural world captures my imagine and influences the creativity of my art work.

Drawn to both airbrushing and sculpting I found my greatest enjoyment came when I combined the two disciplines. Now I have a passion for large sculpted pieces and paintings.

Being a multi-disciplinary artist, having the ability to make, paint or sculpt anything you desire, let's introduce you to the art work of Su Eld-Weaver... 

"A lot of my work is my way of sharing my love of animals, in particular my love of all wildlife and my own pet Poodles."

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