Zenzaris Art Work and much more

It is safe to say that colour and imagination merge into the many creative art works of Su.   She is the artist behind Zenzaris Creative Arts.

Being a multi-disciplinary artist, having the ability to make, paint or sculpt anything you desire, let's introduce you to the art work of Su Eld-Weaver... 

Zenzaris Arts

Su studies in various media of different subjects. She shares her passions through sculpture, painting and other art forms.

Su says...

"A lot of my work is my way of sharing my love of dogs, in particular Poodles."

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Zenzaris Creative

Zenzaris Creative Groomer – A groomer with over 20 years experience, of all breeds grooming.  

Su does specialising in poodle show grooming, winning many accolades.  

As the founding member of the League of Extraordinary Groomers, she is an active member of the Creative Grooming competition.  

Su is also the UK's lead in creative grooming, winning as pictured, the show in Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA.

Mémoires of a Geisha, Hershey 2013 Winner #zenzarisMémoires of a Geisha, Hershey 2013 Winner

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Zenzaris Poodles

The Zenzaris Poodles, are all standard white poodles.  

The girls that reside with Su have amazing character's.  You are greeted with a bundle of white poodle and once calm you can see that the three adore their owner, but happy to take a fuss off anyone!

Resident at home are Dobby, Serenity and Rogue.

#zenzaris #zenzarispoodleSu & Serenity

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